Shopping to Save the Seas

Rose Boardman

This week as part of our Blue Missions series we look at how as consumers we have the ability to positively impact the oceans with our shopping habits. The number of threats that our oceans currently face can be pretty overwhelming and it’s often hard to see what you as an individual can do to help. We’ve all tried recycling, cleaning up local beaches and eating sustainably, but have you ever considered making purchases towards companies that care?

Photo: Mae Dorricott @maekld

Photo: Mae Dorricott @maekld

In a bid to save the world’s oceans a number of brands are using their platforms to donate profits towards conservation companies. Here are just a few examples to choose from:

Sand Cloud

Summer may be a few months away but if you want to have the best towel on the beach, sandcloud has you covered. To help save marine life they donate 10% of their profits to the following non-profit organisations:

  1. Marine Conservation Institute (

  2. Surfrider Foundation (

  3. Pacific Marine Mammal Center (

  4. San Diego Coastkeeper (

  5. Hawaii Wildlife Fun (

  6. Ocean Connectors (

They also run an ambassador programe where you can receive 50% off your first purchase, then on ongoing 15% off products in exchange for your promotion of a great cause!

Shop here:

#SaveTheFishies #SandCloud


Founded in 2015, Devocean helps to raise funds and awareness for sea turtle conservation through the creation of ocean-themed jewellery. 20% of their net profits are donated to the FAU Marine Research Lab at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Florida. FAU’s marine biologists are locally, nationally and internationally respected for their research in marine conservation, physiology and behaviour, sensory biology of marine vertebrates (particularly sea turtles and fishes).

Shop here:

#SaveTheSeaTurtles #DevotedToTheOcean #DevoceanCo


Consurfvation is a clothing company that was established in 2011 with an aim to bring awareness to our oceans. They give plastic bottle a new lease of life by making t-shirts from 100 percent recycled plastic water bottles. They then distribute a dollar from each purchase between the following major ocean awareness organisations:

  1. Waves 4 Water (

  2. Project Save Our Surf (

  3. 5 Gyres (

  4. The Gulf of Mexico Foundation (

Shop here:

#Consurfvation #DontTrashWhereYouSplash


TOMS' Animal Initiative works in combination with the world’s largest conservation organisation; Oceana to raise awareness and support for global animal protection and the fight against cruel and unsustainable fishing practices.

Shop here:

#SaveTheWhales #TOMS #Oceana


Using the power of film and photography Waterlust, is a purpose-driven brand that creates: 1) environmentally responsible products to support marine science research and education, and 2) media to inspire scientific curiosity and an adventurous spirit.

10% of their profits are also donated to the following organisations:

  1. Marine Megafauna Foundation (

  2. Shark Research and Conservation (

  3. Coral Morphologic (

  4. Debris Free Oceans (

  5. Miami Sustain Laboratory (

Shop here:


So next time your shopping for that special someone or looking to treat yourself, why not give a gift that gives back to the ocean.

Photo: Mae Dorricott @maekld

Photo: Mae Dorricott @maekld

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