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Core Team

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Rebecca Daniel, MSc | Director & Co-Founder

Becca has just completed a Masters in Tropical Marine Biology, after graduating from Durham with a BSc in Biological Sciences. She learnt to dive when she was just aged 10, and has never looked back. Her specialisation is marine conservation but she has an interest in most areas of marine biology. As well as diving, Becca loves to travel and is a keen photographer.


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Mads St Claire, MSc | Founder

Mads is a 22 year old Tropical Marine Biologist, native to the UK. A scientist by training but communicator by nature, she's a writer, photographer, divemaster, and all round adventurer. Oh, and if you hadn't noticed, she is completely obsessed with the ocean. Mads holds a BSc with Honours in Biological Sciences and an MSc in Tropical Marine Biology. Her most recent research focussed on the impacts of anthropogenic noise on coral reef fish. 



Millie Rose, BSc | Blog Manager

Millie is a recent biology graduate from Oxford University with a passion for diving, travelling, and all things to do with the ocean. Her main interest is marine animal behaviour, after studying the behaviour of cleaner shrimp in the Caribbean for the last few years. As a PADI diving instructor, she has dived all over the world, and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon!


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Tabea Heimbach, MSc | Social Media Manager

Currently based in Portugal, Tabea spends a lot of time in and by the sea. She holds a BSc in Marine Biology and a MSc in Marine Microbiology, with her research focussing on the effects of climate change on marine invertebrates and the role marine microbes play in the carbon cycle. Even though she is aware of the challenges the world is facing, she chooses to be an optimist and believes that micro-actions can lead to big changes!


Jessie Fröde, BSc | Graphic Designer

Jessie is a full-time she-adventurer, and has been fascinated by the ocean for as long as she can remember. She didn't study a marine-science related course, but collected everything about dolphins, whales and sea animals since she was a young girl. In 2009 she completed her AOWD, and started scuba diving again recently, after a gap of around 8 years. Her biggest dream came true in 2018 when she swam with wild dolphins off the coast of New Zealand!

Editorial Team



Rita Steyn, MSc

Rita is a science communicator and marine ecologist with an MSc in Biological Sciences. Her passion for all things science has taken her from her master’s degree research in Indonesia, to being a technician in Hawai’i, and then to tertiary level teaching. She is also a qualified FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa) Level-1 nature guide. Rita loves to write about science and conservation issues, and she dabbles in photography, both under- and above, water. 

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Rose Boardman, BSc

Rose’s fascination with the ocean started at a young age. Growing up just a stones throw away from the Jurassic coastline in Dorset, she spent many days exploring the underwater world. She holds a BSc in Marine Geography and an MRes in Ocean Science. Her interests lie in fisheries ecology and species behaviour - particularly life history traits and distribution patterns. She has been very fortunate to work with a variety of species and hopes to encourage others to love them as much as she does. 



Mae Dorricott, MSc

Mae has been an ocean enthusiast her whole life. Scuba diving from the age of 12, to completing a degree in marine biology, it has always been her passion to understand and be in the sea as much as possible. The pinnacle of her career so far was when she became the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society’s 2017 European Rolex Scholar. Here she was able to explore the underwater world like never before, learning from experts in the field and gaining invaluable hands-on experience for a whole year around the world! 



Jennifer Thomson, BSc

Jenn is a MSc Marine Ecosystem Management student at the University of St Andrews, having just completed a degree in Zoology with Mandarin. After living in the South African desert, she learnt how to dive and never looked back - becoming a PADI Divemaster within a year. Research interests include physiological adaptations to extreme and microgravity environments [space!], anthropogenic noise, and shark conservation.



Elyssa Quinton, BSc

Elyssa is currently travelling the world by yacht and working with a variety of charities and organisations, co-ordinating a variety of marine workshops, ocean sampling and conservational tasks along the way. She has witnessed oceans plagued with plastic, hooks and lines engorging marine life, and coral bleaching to the extent of no return. She has made it her duty to share the immediate need to change our habits with the rest of the world, in the last hope to save our blue planet. 



Thomas Morris, MSc

Thomas hails from South Africa, but is currently completing his PhD in New Zealand. His passion for the ocean begun when he was 8, snorkelling off the coast of Mozambique, enthralled by the sheer amount of colour and life. His current interests include marine parasites and their role in global ecosystems, playing Ultimate Frisbee and perfecting baked cheesecake recipes.

Join our team

The Marine Diaries is always looking for passionate and dedicated individuals to join our team. All open positions will be announced on our social media channels and website.

Salary: UNPAID
The Marine Diaries is still in the fledgling stage, and at present is not for profit. Consequently, The Marine Diaries cannot currently offer payment for any roles and the entire team currently works on a voluntary basis. This may be subject to change in the future.


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Social Media Manager

Are you social media savvy? Do you have an interest in ocean conservation? Are you full of ideas, with a creative flare? If so, we want YOU!

TMD is looking for a new social media manager to run our daily operations (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter), and increase our reach and engagement.

What we’re looking for…
The ideal candidate will have previous experience in a social media role, or a genuine interest in social media and/or digital marketing. Passion for the ocean and ocean conservation is desirable.

What you’ll be doing…
Schedule weekly content
Interact on all channels
Organise takeovers
Run our Facebook groups

Ready to apply? Download our application form below and send it along with your CV to




Open Position


Do you live and breathe the ocean? Are you currently studying or have you studied a marine science to university level? Do you want to make your voice heard? Well look no further - this could be the perfect opportunity for you…

We’re looking for new members to join the The Marine Diaries’ editorial team!

What we’re looking for…
Passion for the ocean and desire to make change
Outgoing, friendly and a team player
Past or present study of a marine science at university level
Strong writer with a keen eye for detail
An innovative thinker with a creative flair
The goal is to provide educational, informative and engaging content

What you’ll be doing…
Producing monthly content for the TMD website
Writing, editing & proofreading blogs and interviews
Using templates to create graphics in Adobe Spark
Sourcing external authors & interviewees
Networking within the ocean community
Promoting TMD and ocean conservation

Ready to apply? Download our application form below and send it along with your CV, and an original piece of writing to