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Behind the lens

Ever wondered what life is like Behind The Lens? In this series, we take a sneak peak into the lives of those who capture the underwater world on film.


Into the industry

Ocean-related careers can be extremely diverse. Discover the daily lives of marine professionals, from aquarists to researchers, campaigners to eco-artists…and much more!



Highlighting the key threats to our oceans, including pollution, habitat destruction, overfishing, warming and acidification, this series also reveals insight into how we can make a difference.



Times are tough for our oceans, and we need to Seas The Day and act now to conserve them. Uncover the methods, technology, and policies, now and of the future, that are creating hope for the world beneath the waves.


Blue Missions

As efforts to save the ocean have increased globally, so has risen the number of organisations dedicated to protecting our blue planet. In this series, we explore the work and missions of Non-Profits, NGOs and other organisations.


too hot to handle

Climate change can be a heated topic, which is why we’ve dedicated an entire series of our blog to the investigation of ocean warming. Will the impacts of our warming seas be “Too Hot To Handle?”



It turns out, plastic isn’t quite so fantastic… In this research series we'll be highlighting some of the most recent discoveries in the world of plastic pollution, hearing from individuals in the field tackling the issue, and showcasing ways in which you can help combat the plastic plague.